Winter Camp

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It takes a man... or a group of idiots + beer

I love the outdoors. And I love camping. Every year now for at least 7 or 8 years a roudy group of guys from Darke County Ohio (Greenville) get together to share a passion, camping. It just happens to be for one night during the coldest 2 weeks of the year. I have participated 3 years now. It is something that I look forward to doing ever year. But man was that first time a long and cold night. Through the years, the temperatures have bottomed out from high 20s to 6 degrees in 2013. Being the designer, I thought that we should have custom annual pathces made for those who survive "Winter Camp". They have been a hit and we are out to collect them all. 2015 was planned to be the year of the "Blade Games", but due to unseasonably warm weather, we target-shot until dark. The branded mark was screen 2-color printed on gray micro-fiber t-shirts.

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