A Marriage of Social Media

Wood Functional 3D Multi
For a couple's likes and dislikes

This commissioned piece was a wedding gift for the friends of the client. He came to me with an idea of knowing they loved "thumbs upping/thumbs downing", nearly everything. So I combined that with a functional and interactive wall piece that would allow the recipients/guests to pin photos on each side of the board, according to thier likes/dislikes. This physical Pintrest board, doubles as wall art.

The lumber used (best guess, 30+ years old) was pulled from a barn that had the weight and character that I was looking for. The custom woodburnings were chosen by the client and specific topics/things they each would appreciate. A extra part from my dishwasher provided for a perfect galvanized tray for the aluminum push pins.

  • Repurposed Wood
  • Functional Design
  • Custom Woodburning
  • Scrap Metal