A Gift for a Groom

Design Woodburning Leather
Boys will be boys

I love functional art. And I like to give art for "significant" gifts. This project was wedding gift was for close friend of mine from college. He and I, along with a roudy crew go on camping expeditions a couple times a year. So I thought a nice packable camp axe would be a nice functional piece, and yet a nice aesthetic piece in case he may not want to use it. My brand mark is burnt into the shoulder of the helve and the custom burnings are done on the belly and grip.

The hudson bay patterned head was purchased with a stock finish and stripped for the desired look. Its surface ground and a proper edge filed and honed. The 28 inch handle gives the axe more versatility. Being a 1.75 lb head, its light enough for single hand use, but the longer handle allows for small felling. The heafty leather sheath was made from scrap bundle and brass rivots to prevent rusting. It ensures saftey and the protection of the bit edge. Its design was inspired from Swedish models and also that of Best Made Co..

  • Product Redesign
  • Custom Woodburning
  • Custom Painting
  • Leather