A Reason to Celebrate

Functional Party Favor Graphics
But Who's Counting Anyway?

This was a fun project that the designers were tasked in doing for R/P's 20th Anniversary. This beercan glass is a Libbey product and was too much fun to pass up. Each designer was allowed to do their own design as long as the boss blessed it. They were handed out as party favors and as a full set of 4 for the R/P 2013 client Christmas gifts.

The concept behind my design was from my early college days. I remembered the girls keeping beer tabs and counting them in the morning to see how many they drank. So to tie together our beercan glass and our anniversary celebration, I thought it would be fitting to have 20 beer tabs (one for each year) wrap completely around the can, showing our years of experience. Of doing both things. Each tab is made from a subtle 2 and a 0 to further celebrate the occasion and add neat detail. The satirical remark doubles as a nod to the businesses's sucess and longevity and also the amount of alcohol R/P tends to consume.

  • Multi Dimensional Design
  • 3-Color Screen Printing
  • Libbey Beercan Glass
  • Party Favor