Focusing on a Centerpiece

Fireplace Interior Design Cultured Stone
A multi-surface facelift

Nothing brings a room together like a focal-point. Upon purchasing our first house, we acknowledged a much needed update to the woodburning fireplace facade. Having no experience in cultured stone, we took on a serious makeover project. We felt thhe mantle was a huge piece to this. We searched high and low for the right piece with the right character that would work. We finally came onto an old barn that had been hit by a tornado outside of Archbold, OH. The owner (thanks Willie!) was nice enough to let us rummage around and cut our desired piece to length. My father-in-law was the engineer on mounting the piece to the studs, all while preventing the hardward from showing. A beautiful phantom-mount! We got the cultured stone from Mr. Concrete Building Supply outside of Hunstville, OH.

Starting at the top and working our way down, it was nothing more than a gigantic puzzle. Sorting and organzing the stones by color, shape and size in order to find the perfect fit everytime. The living room looked like a stone yard for a short time. The hearth stones were cut to fit the predetermined form designed into the floor. The finishing touches were done with the dyed-mortar, tucked in like putting icing on a birthday cake. A really fun and hopefully repeatable project.

  • Multi-Media
  • Cultured Stone
  • Up-cycled barn beam
  • Interior Design