Axe Restoration

An old and rare find

Art finds a way to present itself. After catching up over an hour long conversation with my high school art teacher, I was handed this memorable chunk of metal.

The Artist

Alex Hall

Professional Tinkerer

The definition of random

The conversation started as, "Do you still do any art?" After explaining my newly found passion of restoring antique handtools (mainly axes), Mr. Dave Cline walked me over to his truck and uncovered a double-bit axe that he had owned for over 50 years. He had been using it as a weight in the back of his truck for quite some time. Before his reveal, I explained that I try to restore items that have a story, which is the inspiration for this entire process. Giving these "old" items, full of character, a new life. He revealed that when he was 7 years old in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, he watched a bulldozer uncover it from a neighbors property. As it rolled and broke from away from the other chunks of dirt, a batman-like profile appeared and intrigued him enough to go over and see what it was. It showed it age, to say the least. Double-bit axes are a rare find anymore. This rare gift is one that I will turn into art and hopefully one day pass it on as well.

Stay tuned to see how it shapes up.

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