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Meet Alex Hall

Creativity can be a curse. There is always a problem to solve and only 24 hours in a day. However, without this curse, life would be very boring.

By day:

My creative juices are exercised at a marketing agency just outside of Toledo, where I have called home for the last 4+ years. There, problem solving comes in many forms. Most creations end up being in 2-dimension. From logos and websites, to annual reports and info-graphics. The bottom line is, regardless the medium, each piece needs to be functional. And at their 2-dimensional level, the function is to communicate. Whether it be the brand, the campaign or simply informational. Fortunately, it is never a boring day. Each day brings a new and usually unexpected challenge.

By night:

I use the other part of my Fine Arts degree solving 3-dimenisonal problems around the house. I have a passion for functional art. Not art for the sake of art (ah...maybe sometimes), but for everyday materials wrapped in art. And it's that passion that drives me to create products or improve them asthetically and even functionally. I often take an existing piece, and stylistically give my own twist. Inspired and influenced by new and old ideas, most projects are made from repurposed materials. It's those materials that contain the character that 'new' doesn't possess. The stories, the smells and the pride of using what is at hand.

The Process

Dream it. Then find a way to make it.

Every project starts with an inspiration, and creative minds are easily inspired. Everyone leans on their own resources for their inspirations. Below are a few of my resources that help to shape each and every project.

saga saga



Pinterest gives me access to ideas in every imaginable way. If you think that an idea is orginal, please rethink that. Very few things are original, everything has been done before. Ideas come from our history. Copying is wrong, but using it as your inspiration and giving your touch is not. I see it as a social collaboration. And we all know projects get better with collaboration. It opens the mind to possibilities and to what is being done/has been done. Oh the hours I can spend... Follow me

Best Made Co.

Best Made Co.


Best Made Company focuses on equipping people with quality products and knowledge that is passed for generations. They are the new age of brands that connect and build relationships with patrons through their content. They inspire me in every aspect of branding. From large-photograph story telling, to the packaging their products. Simply amazing. Learn more

Dick Proenneke

Dick Proenneke

Wildlife Icon

Dick Proenekke is an icon of wilderness values and an inspiration to those who value simplicity, direct connection with nature, self-reliance, and ingenuity. He made Twin Lakes Alaska home in 1967, when he begin crafting what would become his cabin and wilderness home for the next thirty years. He lived a naturally simple life, untethered to the commercial world, and shared his journey through films and journals. Learn more


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